During the presidential defense process in the U.S. Senate (1998), which did not last long, I was very impressed by the totality of political dedication and awareness of most senior level Senators who understood, at that time, my written messages of grave concern for the future political standing of our Executive institution before our Nation and before the whole world! And, with that view in mind, they set out to vote (conscientiously) as speedily and as practical as possible to throw out the politically motivated “indictment” issued by the U.S. House juridical panel. The end of this (historical)unfortunate juridical process both in the House and Senate, against our learned
President was near. Our Nation, and the whole world waited anxiously, to hear the final “verdict” of the U.S. Senate! And, the “verdict” came, as expected in favor of the President, and in the form of complete acquittal.

The successful presidential legal defense was seen by many legal scholars at that time in America as a defense of stellar proportions of our mighty Executive institution itself! And, as a result wherein, there would be no
“stinging” juridical precedent hovering above American Executive institution! This was indeed an incredible success of our democratic forces set out to preserve and protect our most cherished and coveted political Office of our American Executive institution, that of the presidency of our country against undesirable historical legal precedent, which few countries of this world enjoy.

Moreover, I was also very impressed–as a U.S. Citizen watching carefully the juridical proceedings–about our President’s overall demeanor and humble spirit of remorse that touched the hearts of so many millions of people in America and around the world–as I have not seen such high level sincere human pleading of remorse by any country’s President in recent memory!

Furthermore, I was very impressed about our President’s humble beginnings leading as though providentially to such a phenomenal human achievement, to the most prestigious and famous Office in the whole world, that of the President of the United States of America. Thus, shortly after the successful presidential defense process in the U.S. Senate, I received a surprising, pleasing letter of thanks from the White House signed by our learned and distinguished President, at the beginning of March, 1999. The notes of our founding father James Madison that I carefully extracted for this historical occasion were definitely having an impact for the preservation of our executive institution’s world prestige, integrity and fame ---unlike the other branch (judiciary) that is overshadowed by the Dread Scott stinging (case law) precedent.

In short, I was very pleased with the awesome presidential letter, so kindly written by our learned and twice elected President to the White House.