****** EXPERIENCED LEGAL CONSULTANT & RESEARCHER (22 yrs) handles a lot of legal, medical, and business issues and works closely with top rated legal experts of law firms, medical and business entities.

***** Will do some travel locally and some by airplane (if strictly necessary). Also, I help set up an enduring LIVING TRUST for a lower fee, and according to the Trust Laws of this country (the fees depend upon the size of the work,
travel, time, etc).

***** I will help with some type of personal injuries on the job, and with the process of obtaining Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits (as a result of injury on the job). In this respect, I work with top rated experts on this issue. Please call me: (360) 892-9394 and ask for Anthony Ianosel, LC or write a summary of your request to: AnthonyEsq1@yahoo.com All material submitted will be maintained in the strictest confidentiality, whereas I ama Member of the American Bar Assn. and it is unethical to do otherwise.

***** I also handle Federal issues that relate to Civil Rights infringement; Federal Appeals; Federal and State Complaints; some Administrative processes;
some bankruptcy processes;

***** Help with small claims court; help with your pressing legal issues by
Special Power of Attorney (SPOA);

***** Help with pressing credit card debts by Special Power of Attorney (POA);

***** Help with your Hospital Bills by Special Power of Attorney (SPOA);

***** Help with your legitimate Immigration pressing issues by Special Power
of Attorney (only if you are sick, injured and the like); and, possibly even more, depending upon the nature and character of the issue.

***** Help with international money concerns and matters (Forex,IBCs, Trusts).

***** Help with international banking concerns and matters (Invest., Annuities).