Among the many accomplishments, as Legal Consultant and Researcher, I and some of my associates have:

(1) Helped with docketing successfully a very important (Brief) Petition for Writ of Certiorari in the U. S. Supreme Court (87-5587) (Murphy v. Aetna).

(2) Helped with Presidential legal research process, strategies, and written valuable and successful legal (research) documents to the U.S. House and United States Senate during a very tense and decisive historical proceedings, that I have carefully extracted from the NOTES of the Hon. JAMES MADISON taken during the Federal Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia in 1787 [(JOURNAL OF THE FEDERAL CONVENTION KEPT BY JAMES MADISON, Vol. II, 1893); SECRET PROCEEDINGS AND DEBATES OF THE CONVENTION ASSEMBLED AT PHILADELPHIA IN THE YEAR 1787, FOR THE PURPOSE OF FORMING THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Websters and Skinners, 1821); (THE RECORDS OF THE FEDERAL CONVENTION OF 1787, Vol. II, Edited by Max Farrand)].

(3) Helped write (by my hand in Court) valuable Notes for the Honorable Super lawyer GERRY SPENCE, during the very tense Federal criminal process (July- August 1993) in Boise, Idaho at the Federal Court (and, of course, listen very attentively to his unique, unforgettable and valuable jurisprudence lessons and law teachings delivered there with that occasion that lasted many days and weeks).

(4) Helped with setting at liberty (set free) from prison in Philippines of an American-born Citizen from Scottsdale, Arizona (at the request of his elder father) held there in violation of Treaty laws–and arrested under guise of viza expiration by Immigration agents of the foregoing country. I worked successfully with our American diplomatic people at the State Department and U.S. Embassy in Manila.

(5) Helped successfully expedite the U.S. viza for a Hungarian-Romanian (and U.S. permanent resident in Portland, Oregon) family’s member from Cluj, in Romania, during the extraordinary and tense months of the Romanian overthrow of their communist-atheist dictatorship in 1989—all done through the high Office of Liaison of our best celebrated President of the United States, Honorable Ronald Wilson Reagan.

(6) Helped write many Briefs to the Federal Appellate Courts, concerning mostly with civil rights issues.

(7) Helped with various legal issues worked out under the supervision of former (chief) judge(s) of some three courts.

(8) Helped (“pro bono”) some poor plaintiffs file their case in propria persona, in the Federal courts.

(9) Helped some people with their filing of Federal process through Social Security Administration office(s), including “reconsideration” process, (all stages, except appeals).

(10)Helped some (defectors) from Eastern Europe (during the dreadful communist-atheist dictatorship regime) with their “political asylum” (request) process in the United States.

(11)Helped write a Bankruptcy Book (with Forms and text) concerning Chapter 7 (Title 11, United States Code).

(12)Helped with U.S. First Amendment case(s)in Federal Court, Portland, Oregon (mostly federal Constitution “case law” research and strategies.

(13)Helped with drafting of a special Petition to U.S. Members of Congress and to some high profile Evangelical ministers, concerning some highly charged political matters during the late 80s.

(14)Helped with other legal cases (under expert supervision) in the Federal and State courts....